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Book Marketing.

How do you stand out from the crowd with your self-published book?

Marketing tools abound. Which ones are right for you?

Our book marketing services are tailored to your book, your category, and your goals. A strategic print-book marketing plan and eBook marketing timeline are essential to your success. More books are published each year than ever before. Finding and reaching readers has become increasingly difficult.

Our Book Services Include:

Amazon Book Sales

Maximizing your presence on and launching a strategic Amazon book review campaign is key to your success.

Online Book Marketing

Book marketing online is essential to reach your reader and drive book sales.This includes book reviews, author tours, and promotions on more than 30 online sites, plus Book Club exposure and more.

Book Marketing Plan

TGC can help you create a book marketing and sales plan that will get you noticed by retailers.

Endorsements & Reviews

Securing top book reviews from traditional media and online outlets will help you create awareness and increase the visibility of your book.

Book Publicity

We work with some of the best book publicists in the world to write press releases, create PR campaigns, and launch your book.

Airport Bookstores

Secure prime, promotional table space in Hudson and other airport bookstores.

Book Website

TGC will build a custom-designed Author website for you and your book to serve as your home base for speaking, publicity, and authority-building efforts online. This personalized website will position you as the authority in your field. It will also include a speaking page, press room, blog, and a quiz or assessment to drive lead flow and email list growth.


Author PR & Media

Speak directly to large, dedicated audiences with a talk radio and podcast campaign. Listeners are giving you their full attention because they’re captive listeners, commuters, and professionals.


TGC provides authors, publishers, and small presses with the guidance they need to create market-ready, professionally-designed books that sell and get acclaimed. We do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to editorial, design, or marketing. We believe every book and every author is unique, and every program we offer is individually-tailored to meet an author’s specific goals.

Get a Sneak Peek at our Publishing Consultation with a Free Review of Your Book Proposal.

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